Freerolls and Small Buy-ins Make It Easy to Join Miami Club Casino Tournaments

Miami Club Casino tournaments include daily and weekly competitions. Many of the daily tournaments offer free buy-ins. Daily tournament prizes range from the full pot to $100. These tournaments are numerous and include popular games like Turkey Shoot slots.

Weekly tournaments have a mix of buy-ins. Some games are free while others may cost you up to $5. The prizes are bigger, however. You might win the pot, or you could win your share of $5,000. Games for weekly tournaments include slots like Funky Chicken and The Vegas Party. As tournaments are always being added, the games are always changing, Keep checking to see when your favorite games are part of a tournament.

What Games Are Available for Tournament Play

While slots often have dozens of freerolls, daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments, there are tournaments for table games and video poker. As there are daily tournaments, you will find the selections change regularly. The best way to see what's currently available is by clicking on the tournament page. Look for green and yellow symbols that signify what's currently in progress (green) and what's soon to start (yellow).

Several Miami Club Casino tournaments are for games other than slots. You'll find tournaments for Blackjack and poker games like Aces and Faces.

Understanding How Tournaments Work

When you sign up for one of the Miami Club Casino tournaments, there are things you should know. Some tournaments have an entry fee. It's listed as your buy-in. Many of the tournaments at Miami Club have buy-ins of $3 or $5. Freerolls do not have a fee.

For your entry fee, you're given a starting balance. Let's say it's $100. You play and use up your $100 in chips. You don't want to stop playing. This is where a rebuy fee comes in. To get more chips, you pay a rebuy fee. This gives you another amount of chips. Most tournaments have unlimited rebuys.

You should pay attention to how many rebuys you're allowed. To win a tournament, you need to be the highest ranking player. If you bust out of a tournament, rebuys allow you to keep playing and try to go higher than your current ranking.

Before signing up, look at the grid of tournament details. You'll see how many players are in a tournament. You can also see what the prizes are. The first tournament you view shows there are 5,000 players and the top 10 get prizes. You might find it more appealing to chose a tournament where there are only 500 participants and prizes for the top 10 players.

To join Miami Club Casino tournaments, you need to sign up and make a deposit. Once you've done that, you can join as many tournaments as you desire. Get started now.