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European Roulette

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Win Up to 35x When You Play European Roulette

Many online casinos, including Miami Club Casino, give players a choice of American or European Roulette. While the games are similar in terms of play and scoring, there are subtle differences. With European Roulette, you eliminate the green 00. The arrangement of the number is also different.

The basic premise to roulette is that you want to predict where the ball will end up after the wheel stops spinning. It's not a hard game to play. While it does require some luck, you will win a bundle when your number is called.

Numbering and Wagering in European Roulette

On the European wheel, the green 0 finds the red 32 to the right. The black 26 is left of the green 0. With one less number on the wheel, your odds improve by a small margin.

The table you place bets on shows three columns of the numbers 0 to 36. Along the edges all of your betting options. The roulette wheel is on the left, and the $1, $5, and $10 chips are on the right. There's an enlarged view of the wheel and a chart that shows the results of the previous spins.

You have the same betting options in European that you do in American. Bet on the green zero or the red and black numbers from 1 to 36. Bet on a specific row or block of numbers to win. You can also place outside bets. These are the options outside of the main number grid. Place a bet on the three columns of numbers. You can also bet on the blocks of the first, second, or third 12 numbers. Finally, place your bet on numbers 1 to 18 as a whole or on 19 to 96.

Bet on red or black or even or odd. The highest payouts come with a winning bet that's placed on a specific number, but you can place more than one bet to try to ensure a win with each spin of the roulette wheel.

Understanding the Game Play

Start by placing your bet on one of the previously mentioned options. There is a minimum bet of $1 required in this popular casino game. There's a maximum of $100 per space. You cannot bet more than $300 on outside bets or $14,800 on the entire table.

Click a chip and then click the space on the board where you want to place a bet. You can keep betting up to the maximum or spin the roulette wheel. You can win up to 35x if you pick the right number on a single bet. The other payouts are:

17 to 1 for bets on two numbers
11 to 1 for bets on three numbers
8 to 1 for bets on four numbers
6 to 1 for bets on five numbers
5 to 1 for bets on six numbers
2 to 1 for full columns or blocks of 12 numbers
1 to 1 for 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, evens/odds, and red/black

With any win, you get your original bet back plus the odds. If you bet on red and a red number came up, you get your bet back plus the amount of your bet as the prize.

At Miami Club Casino, you're welcome to play for fun. Once you understand the rules, switch to real money play. You could find yourself winning some serious cash if the wheel stops in your favor. Try it today.

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