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Amazing 7s

Amazing 7s Screenshot

Game Info

Reels 5
Paylines 25
Min Coin 0.01
Max Coin 10.00
Max Bet 250.00
Jackpot 500,000
Wild Symbol N/A
Scatter Symbol N/A
Free Spins N/A
Bonus Feature N/A
Payout % 93.39%

Amazing 7s Slots Pays Plenty With Lucky Number 7

When you play Amazing 7s slots, you have some choices to make. This decision-based slot pays well, and it can be truly amazing if you're brave enough to activate all lines and credits. Coin values start at a penny, so you can go for it all without having to risk too much cash.

Your decisions start with the number of credits. Options are one, two, or all three. You have coin values ranging from a penny to $5. You have 25 lines. The most you can risk per spin is $375 ($5 times 25 lines times 3 credits). You can play all credits and all lines for as little as 75 cents, too. A quick click of “play max” immediately sets your wager at the most credits, all pay lines, and the highest coin value.

Now, Here Are the Potential Payouts

In Amazing 7s slots, the is the chance of winning 100,000 coins. That puts the top prize on a line at $500,000 with a max bet. To win that much, you need to do the max credit, max pay line bet and fill a line with the triple 7 symbol. Double 7s pay up to 10,000 coins, and single 7s pay up to 5,000 credits. Clearly, 7s are the lucky number in this game.

There are still plenty of other prizes. Triple, double, and single bars pay up to 100, 250, and 500 coins, respectively. A combination of the bars pays as much as 50 coins. Cherries and bells round out the paytable and symbols in the game. Cherries pay up to 500 coins, while bells pay as much as 250.

The High Prizes Make Up for the Lack of a Bonus Game

You won't find free spins or interactive bonus games in Amazing 7s slots. The high value of the prizes more than makes up for it. Imagine spinning the reels and walking away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's possible in this game.

Amazing 7s is easy to play and so rewarding. Don't miss out. Play it today.

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